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In 1965 Sand Mountain started as a coffee house with live music. John sold art, found objects, guitars and clothing as well. John and his mom ran the coffee house and music venue until 1976. Ten years later Sand Mountain was resurrected as a vintage guitar store in Houston. In 2016 Linda and John started Sand Mountain Vintage doing what we both have always done….selling vintage clothing, guitars and jewelry along with found objects and anything that we find interesting.

You will often find us at Flea Markets across Texas, New Mexico and California.   Sand Mountain Vintage is on Etsy, and you can shop our website with links to other sites where our collection will be featured.  If  you are looking for something please reach out to us.  Maybe we know where to find it.
We hope you enjoy our selection of vintage goods and keep an eye our for us to be in your neighborhood.  
Linda & John


El Museo Cultural Market –  Every 2nd and 3rd weekend starting September 21, 2019 through May 2020

Western Music alliance show – November 7, 8, 9, 2019

City Wide Garage Sale – November 30, 31 – Austin, Tx

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I haven’t posted in a while. On reason is that I had a stroke. But I am very near to well now. Today I got word that one of the very first performers at Sand Mountain was Susan Spaw. Who later married Guy Clark and jazz guitarist Freddy McClAin. She was an excellent femal vocalist and player. She had a presence that was unavoidable on stage or in person. Talented, clever, witty, funny, unique and just a delightful woman. I haven’t seen her much often and not at all for a year or so. She was one of the performers that made the club what it was so special. If you knew her, take a time to remember her a few minutes. Share a few memories. She wasn’t famous, she was just excellent and she will be missed by those of us who who were fortunate to know her. The line grows longer, and that’s OK. Peace.

Happy 4th!

Just checking in and hoping everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Hoping everyone is staying safe out there!

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